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Conquest Of Europe

Assume control of one of the great empires of 19 Century Europe and lead your armies to victory. 

Product Summary

· Game Options include:

· Game sounds toggle

· Listen to your IPod while playing

· Computer  only battle matt toggle

· Configurable additional units

· Auto save

· Game controls include:

· Scroll drag

· Double tap zoom out / restore zoom

· Pinch zoom in / out

· Single tap to place one  unit

· Double tap to place up to five units


Price: 2.99

Conquest of Europe is a turn based strategy game for the iPhone that pays homage to Risk. 


The objective is to assume control of one of the six great empires of Europe and be the last capitol still standing.  Each turn, you will levy fresh troops and use them to either re-enforce your own position on the map, or to attack your enemies. 

Battles are resolved on the Battle Mat, with each player selecting from up to 3 different battle formations for each round of the battle. 

SKU/Item Number: 20120115

Game Map

Select territory to attack

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Battle Mat